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Nov 11 | “The Concert for Valor”

Dec 11 | The Clara Lionel Foundation Diamond Ball

Posted by An.J on November 25, 2014

Rihanna announces the debut of Rogue Love by Rihanna in time for holiday 2014 expanding her presence in the world of fragrance and giving her fans new fragrances for men and for women this holiday season.

Just last month over 3,500 fans celebrated with Rihanna at Macy’s Lenox Square in Atlanta the debut of Rogue Man, her first fragrance for men.

Rogue Love by Rihanna complements Rogue Man, and is a delicious floral fragrance dedicated to her female fans.

Get your Rogue Love gift set now at, available at select Macy’s stores and online.

ROGUE LOVE BY RIHANNA captures that moment when love first hits you with a wild rush that goes through your whole body. Delicious fruits tempt your senses with notes of fresh citrus and succulent peach mingling with the temptation of juicy berries.

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Posted by An.J on November 25, 2014


After a short working stay in Barbados, Rihanna has already left her home island.

Yesterday (Nov 24th) she continued working in New York and was spotted outside Jay-Z’s office in Manhattan, along with best friend Melissa and grandpa Bravo, before going to the studio.

Click here for photos of Rihanna out and about in NYC, showing off her abs in a short top and low cut jeans.

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Posted by An.J on November 25, 2014

Diamond Ball

Rihanna has announced that Jimmy Kimmel is set to host the first annual Diamond Ball benefitting the Clara Lionel Foundation. In addition, special guest Brad Pitt will introduce Rihanna’s orchestra performance.

“It is such an honor to have Jimmy Kimmel host this event. There is no one more hilarious to make the first annual Diamond Ball an incredible night. I’m blessed by his support,” said Rihanna. “Brad Pitt is not only a phenomenal talent, but I admire him and am inspired by his philanthropic work.”

Rihanna founded the Clara Lionel Foundation (CLF) in 2012, in honor of her grandparents, Clara and Lionel Brathwaite. During the fund-raiser event, there will be footage shown of Rihanna’s visit to the Clara Brathwaite Center for Oncology and Nuclear Medicine at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Barbados.

Funds raised from the Diamond Ball will go into improving the center, purchasing equipment and infrastructure planning, a projected cost of $2.4 million.

The ball takes place on December 11 in Beverly Hills. Find more information at

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Posted by An.J on November 22, 2014


Mega star Rihanna, on a working visit to Barbados, made a stop at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital yesterday (Nov 21st) as she checked in on a centre dedicated to her grandmother’s memory.

The 26-year-old Grammy winner and her mother, Monica Fenty, arrived after 10 a.m. to visit the Clara Brathwaite Centre for Oncology and Nuclear Medicine for an update on the facility named after Rihanna’s beloved “Gran Gran Dolly”, who succumbed to cancer two years ago.

Ri-Ri personally donated funds to establish the existing centre and purchased the facility’s first modern radiotherapy machine which was in use yesterday. She stopped to chat with the cancer patient using the machinery and reports are that she also saw where the area is being retrofitted for another piece of equipment she is set to donate.

The footage from Rihanna’s 45-minute visit will be featured as part of the presentation for the upcoming Diamond Ball on December 11, a fund-raiser for The Clara Lionel Foundation. Funds raised from the Diamond Ball will go towards improving the two-year-old center’s equipment and infrastructure planning at a project out of $2,4 million.

The singer will perform at the Diamond Ball at The Vineyard in Beverly Hills and will announce additional special guests soon.

Barbados Nation

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Posted by An.J on November 22, 2014

In March of 2015, Dreamworks will be introducing us to a different kind of Earth – one that’s been taken over by a race of travelling aliens, and one that’s now only inhabited by a teenage girl named Tip.

During the Home Q&A a few days ago, Rihanna commented on what it felt like doing an animated film:

“Neither of us [referring to Parsons] have done an animated film and it was just the story. The story just spoke to me. It was so real and I found so many parallels in it and I felt like I identified with Tip. She is essentially a role model, and for me it was very strange to read a character that you can look up to, and I was very excited [about it]“.

Below, you can check out the new trailer for “Home”. After the jump there are hilarious videos from the inside of interview, where Jim and Rihanna ask each other questions and take selfies.

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Posted by Raphael on November 20, 2014


Steve Martin and Jim Parsons may be big fancy stars, but Rihanna was the main attraction at this Wednesday’s footage screening and press Q&A for Dreamworks Animations’ “Home”.

Dressed in a short red dress and white sneakers (and approached by several journalists/fans as she made her way out of the theater), the pop star voices the role of middle-schooler “Tip” in the forthcoming animated adventure, which centers on the relationship between Tip and a diminutive purple-hued “Boov” alien named “Oh” (Parsons) after Earth is invaded by the the Boov race and its villainous leader Captain Smek (Martin).

But anyway, Rihanna! She looked fantastic and seemed very nice. Below are nine other things we learned at yesterday’s press event.


1. Stars, they cry at Hollywood production meetings just like us!

“There’s one specific point in the movie that really wrecked me,” said Rihanna. “And I feel like it’s gonna kill everybody because when I was watching it for the first time, it was just stick figures. It didn’t even get to the point of animation all the way yet, so I was bawling my eyes out in this meeting and I’m like ‘Oh my god! I’m so embarrassed right now!’ I’m crying at literally these stick figures….at the end, I can’t even tell you, cause I’m [not going] to tell you the movie right now, but…it’s really emotional for me.”

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Posted by Raphael on November 19, 2014

Rihanna hit the MAC Aids Fund red carpet on Tuesday night and talked about new music (and more) in an exclusive interview with Intertainment Tonight.

She revealed what we all have been waiting for for a while now, her new album is coming “very soon”!

“That’s my hope,” she said. “I’m really excited about the music that we’ve been working on, so I can’t wait for everybody to hear it.

[I'm] very excited, very honored [to be here],” she said. “This is gonna be an amazing event for an amazing cause, an amazing film. This documentary, It’s Not Over, is really gonna be educational for the youth [with] what’s going on and how they’re affected by HIV/AIDS all over the world.

I think a lot of people from my generation, including myself, didn’t realize that the epidemic was in such a dire state,” filmmaker Jenks told ET. “So it was a great challenge to take on and then to be able to film all over the world and get to know all these different people — it’s important.”

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