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March 17 | 'Home' red carpet premiere, Texas

March 18 | Good Morning America appearance

March 29 | iHeartRadio Music Awards Performance

April 4 | NCAA March Madness Music Festival Performance

Posted by An.J on June 2, 2010

Rihanna’s official site , RihannaNow.com has brand new style. It looks really proffesional ,and we just love it ! Check it out at Rihannanow.com

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  1. Author: stratos
    Date: June 2, 2010

    no coments for this angel (F)

  2. Author: stratos
    Date: June 2, 2010

    I’m from greece when and where we could go away don’t say never (U)

  3. Author: JAHPAN
    Date: February 22, 2011

    Dready got a job to do
    And he’s got to fulfill that mission
    To see his hurt is their
    Greatest ambition
    But we’ll survive
    In this world of competition
    ‘Cause no matter what they do
    Natty keep on comin thru
    And no matter what they say
    Natty de deh every day

    Natty Dread rides again
    Thru the mystics of tomorrow
    Natty Dread rides again
    Having no fear, having no sorrow

    All and all you see a Gwan
    Is to fight against Rastaman
    So they build their world
    In great confusion
    To force on us the devil’s illusion
    But the stone that the builder refuse
    Shall be the head cornerstone
    And no matter what games they play
    There is something they could never take away
    Something they could never take away
    It’s the fire, it’s the fire, fire
    Burning down everything
    Feel that fire, fire, the fire, the fire
    Only the birds have wings
    No time to be deceived
    You should know and not believe
    Jah says this judgement
    Could never be with water
    [| From: http://www.elyrics.net/read/b/bob-marley-lyrics/ride-natty-ride-lyrics.html |]
    So no water could put out this fire
    This this fire, this this fire
    This this fire ride Natty ride
    Go deh dready, go deh dready, go de

    Now the fire is burning
    Out of control panic in the city
    Wicked weeping for their gold
    Everywhere the fire is burning
    Destroying and melting their gold
    Destroying and waisting their souls

    Ride Natty ride
    Go deh dready, go deh dready
    Go deh dready go de

    Now the people gather on the beach
    And the leader try to make a speach
    But Dread again tell them it’s too late
    Fire is burning
    Man pull your own weight
    Fire is burning
    Man pull your own weight
    Natty dread rides again
    Go deh Dready, go deh Dready, go deh
    Oh ride Natty ride
    Natty dread rides again
    Go deh Dready, go deh, go deh Dready, go deh
    Riding thru the storm
    And we riding thru the calm
    Go deh, go deh
    We riding thru the thick
    We riding thru the thin
    Ride Natty, ride Natty

  4. Author: Caligirl
    Date: April 29, 2011

    why would you put yourself through a machine that has more than 50 times the power of an xray unprotected? you can not be that unaware. you just fried your ovaries, thyroid, breasts, skin etc whilst submitting yourself to an illegal search….

  5. Author: Caligirl
    Date: April 29, 2011

    meaning why whould you go through a Naked body scanner. The TSA are not a police agency. They are civilian nothings. with the amount that you fly you’ll be dead from cancer in 2 years

  6. Author: RihRihsMexicanHoe
    Date: May 18, 2011

    Rihanna im a BIG fan of urs!! Cant wait till Jun28 LoudTour!! Ure truly an inspiration luved u since da beginnin wit Pon De Replay wen i saw u @ da Tyra Banks Show performin dat song!! I knew u were gona make it BIG!!! Keep on doin wat u do! Ure super Gorgeous!! Cant wait 4wat haircolor & hairstyle u come up with next!! Luv u lots!!! :D Rih-Rih is da BOMB!!!!

  7. Author: Chewbecca01
    Date: June 9, 2011

    I  LUV Rihanna with capitals. she inspired me so much. luv all her songs. Luv u Rihanna

  8. Author: rihannaSA
    Date: July 29, 2011

    Riri uou are the best…come visit us in South Africa, you sure got a big fan base here …. love you

  9. Author: Kendog007
    Date: August 11, 2011

    U r so hot. Ilove ur music and the veido. I want 2 meet u in person.

  10. Author: Ali Shana97
    Date: September 30, 2011

    love  you rihanna !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Author: Evellyn
    Date: October 3, 2011

    Only girls

  12. Author: Evellyn y Adriana
    Date: October 3, 2011

    Y Love You Rihanna

  13. Author: Javon Rose
    Date: October 15, 2011

    id like ri ri 2 add me on her twitter r fbk contact list as a fren ima big fan of hers so ri ri where eva u r r weneva u get my msg plzzz add me thnk u. luv u mwah!

  14. Author: Doyler1980
    Date: October 26, 2011

    Riri roooooooooooooooooooooooooll on 25th Nov the O2 Dublin round 2 just cant miss seen u again after ur performance 2 wks ago wow 

  15. Author: Juanita Sanmiguel
    Date: October 27, 2011

    RiRI come to visit us in south america we love you !! you are the best !! you have so many fans here !! LOVE YOU !!

  16. Author: Sunudavid14
    Date: October 28, 2011

    riri come  visit in Ghana we love you so much.i love russian roulette so much nd mandown i mean all your tracks are hit ones

  17. Author: Sunudavid14
    Date: October 28, 2011

    riri come  visit in Ghana we love you so much.i love russian roulette so much nd mandown i mean all your tracks are hit ones

  18. Author: Sunudavid14
    Date: October 28, 2011

    riri come  visit in Ghana we love you so much.i love russian roulette so much nd mandown i mean all your tracks are hit ones

  19. Author: Sunudavid14
    Date: October 28, 2011

    riri come  visit in Ghana we love you so much.i love russian roulette so much nd mandown i mean all your tracks are hit ones

  20. Author: Holizan_
    Date: November 7, 2011

    ela a gata

  21. Author: Holizan_
    Date: November 7, 2011

    ola eu sou do brasil curto muito a rihanna ela e moir gata cara

  22. Author: Holizan_
    Date: November 7, 2011

    o que voce acha pessoal

  23. Author: Andreea
    Date: November 10, 2011

    riri i want to be wan of your dancers i come from germany !! luv ya boo boo !!

  24. Author: RihannaNavyIreland
    Date: November 13, 2011

    You Are A Fuckin Walkin Legend

  25. Author: Kimmygreen17
    Date: November 16, 2011


  26. Author: Kimmygreen17
    Date: November 16, 2011

    yea…she should come to toledo….we NEVER get famous people here

  27. Author: Pedro Henrique Furtado
    Date: November 24, 2011

    Rihanna I love you even have several serious if you want to see your drawings into my facebook: Pedro Henrique FurtadoBejo love

  28. Author: Karekure wilber
    Date: December 2, 2011

    Ilove you rihanna

  29. Author: ririfan
    Date: December 6, 2011

    rihanna is it true that your buying a house in ireland thats where i live and it’s great i love u riri you da one  i am off school today with the flu thank god im less than sixteen just incase your wondering

  30. Author: Irem Funda
    Date: December 12, 2011

    riri you are my best and my ?dol  please come to turkey love you :D

  31. Author: Raghad
    Date: December 13, 2011

    Rhianna  you are a great singer….and I think that you should come to Israel.
    because you have a lot of fans in here.If you want to know my name is Raghad from Israel ,Cana.   

  32. Author: Lauren Barker
    Date: December 22, 2011

    i love rihanna. she’s soooooooooooo cool. i just wanna meet her babez xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lauren leigh barker. manchester xx

  33. Author: Lauren Barker
    Date: December 22, 2011

    iz it tru dat americanz like the english accent bbz xx ?

  34. Author: Kriszellars1214
    Date: December 22, 2011

    hey rhianna im kris and im a rapper down here in colorado and i just wanted to tell u i like u so much and if i get big pretty soon im gonna come see u and we gonna have dinner and everything i support u and love u too.

  35. Author: drea
    Date: December 23, 2011

    omg,,, words cant even express the graditude that i have for you!! your amazing chick love ya:))

  36. Author: GawjussGyal
    Date: December 24, 2011

    Your 1 of my favourite music artist.
    Well my number 1:)
    Love all your songs xx

  37. Author: MRS BRIGHTFUL377
    Date: December 28, 2011


  38. Author: Plastik_gurl
    Date: December 29, 2011

    love what you do! adore you you’re a perfect actress

  39. Author: Chloeburrough
    Date: January 2, 2012

    All your songs are amazing xx

  40. Author: Chloeburrough
    Date: January 5, 2012

    Your a Amazing singer XxX

  41. Author: calandra
    Date: January 7, 2012

    calandra wants to say she loves you so very much

  42. Author: nezkal
    Date: January 8, 2012

    I love you rihanna forever you is beautiful…s2

  43. Author: Shaqunashephard
    Date: January 9, 2012

    Rihanna I LOVE YOU SO MUCH i am a MASSIVE FAN and you are my IDOL you are also STUNNING AND AN AMAZING singer xx

  44. Author: Chloeburrough
    Date: January 12, 2012

    Rihanna is amazing to all the haters leave her alone

  45. Author: Irinuca
    Date: January 14, 2012

    i love you rihanna

  46. Author: Rozeta-kumari
    Date: January 15, 2012

    IiLoveYou Rii Rii <3

  47. Author: ian mk m'boola
    Date: January 15, 2012

    rihanna yo such a beautiful gal to say the truth ilake you,wish u were ma gal, wish i had sex with you am alwaya sick bout baby say somting pliz!!!!!!

  48. Author: Natalia Ruzickova12
    Date: January 16, 2012

    i love rihanna.

  49. Author: Jason
    Date: January 17, 2012

    rihanna! YOU DA ONE  cause i love the way you sing any kind of song!! i hope i meet you in person…… hehe

  50. Author: 4N1M41
    Date: January 17, 2012

    I wanna fuck u.

  51. Author: lulu star
    Date: January 18, 2012

    hey rihanna i have been trying to get your number cause I<3 YOU ALOT

  52. Author: Chloeburrough
    Date: January 22, 2012

    So down to earth and talented x

  53. Author: Lary_anecardoso
    Date: January 22, 2012

    hello riri my name is laryane I ve you. I live in brazil .love all yours songs. my song is good girl gone bad I cry much

  54. Author: Beyza_12108
    Date: January 24, 2012

    ? love you Rihanna

  55. Author: madison redfearn
    Date: January 27, 2012

    you are awesome in my music class im picking you to be my favorite artist

  56. Author: madison redfearn
    Date: January 27, 2012

    and im doing a report so if i could meet you that would be awesome love you rihanna

  57. Author: Pauta
    Date: January 27, 2012

    iie lovee yhueer music :)

  58. Author: Shebna33
    Date: January 27, 2012

    much LOVE>>>>>Rihanna…..keep ur Head Up!!! Thug Life Baby!!! chow

  59. Author: Ali Shana
    Date: January 28, 2012

    im so proud to be part of rihanna navy !!!!!

  60. Author: Ali Shana
    Date: February 1, 2012

    i love u rihanna

  61. Author: Emwamra
    Date: February 2, 2012

    your songs drive me crazy………I love u

  62. Author: shawntae
    Date: February 7, 2012


  63. Author: Tony88
    Date: February 8, 2012

    i fucking love you rihanna…. ready for your ass to come to Austin mutha fucking texas!!

  64. Author: Www Donfield
    Date: February 10, 2012

    I’m a young man aged 37 live in Lusaka Zambia I like and love Rihana I hope and wish to see her face to face that she can help me financially my phone number is +260977172008 I wish her all the best I love u Rihana

  65. Author: Dmelick
    Date: February 12, 2012

    did rihanna change her hair color cute

  66. Author: Anonymous
    Date: February 13, 2012

    I Love U RiRi <3 I Truely Doo xx Im Ure Number 1. Fan !! I Loved You Nd Always Wiil Beacause U Opened A New Door To Mah Life When Ure First Amazing Album "Music Of The Sun" Came Out Until Now "Talk That Talk" U R Gawjuss Nd Amazing ! Never Ever Let Stupid,Crazy Rumours Let U Down ! U R Whoo U R Nd I Will Love Uu Always xx

    Yours Faithully ,
    Me xx RihannaHolic xx

  67. Author: Fraudsoup
    Date: February 21, 2012

    I thought you were just something special but now I know that you are not the type of person I would spend a dime on a to buy tickets to your concerts or dvds and we are a growing number. When I read that you are working with the man that beat you and left you on the side of the road. I realised you are going to be a casualty I will not give another thought to.

  68. Author: Anonymous
    Date: February 21, 2012

    i love you soo much riri,everything u do all ur songs are beautiful just like the way are.Your amazing

  69. Author: Albina-98
    Date: February 25, 2012

    hej I love you:(

  70. Author: Chloeburrough
    Date: February 26, 2012

    Liking the new remix x

  71. Author: aroha peri
    Date: March 2, 2012

    heeey babees ialwaays look uptoo you

  72. Author: Dangantunu
    Date: March 3, 2012

    Pritty lady, RiRi I love babe, and I do support you , keep up : all the way from east Africa.

  73. Author: Mohamed_bakkar33
    Date: March 6, 2012

    i love u rihana

  74. Author: jordan waynee
    Date: March 10, 2012

    Robyn Rhianna Fenty u da  INCREDABLE xxxxxxx <3

  75. Author: Rhiannon-mc-glinchey-x
    Date: March 11, 2012

    Loveyou so much you should come to derry sometime you have a huge fans here <3!

  76. Author: Adoreangelx3
    Date: March 15, 2012

    some how rihanna makes me feel confident in my self…love mi Caribbean gyal bad bad <3  

  77. Author: Rocio Sabando
    Date: March 15, 2012

    rihanna es super..es una cantante estupenda..la admiro…

  78. Author: Rocio Sabando
    Date: March 15, 2012

    rihanna es super..es una cantante estupenda..la admiro..mucho…

  79. Author: Www Ricciantonella1967
    Date: March 18, 2012

    my name is letizia. I’m 11 years old.
    I love rihanna 4ever!!!
    it’s fantastis

  80. Author: Katianelindona2012
    Date: March 19, 2012

    yuo love o rihanna katiane

  81. Author: Jeanpaul
    Date: March 19, 2012

    I like ur black hair more sorry luv u j

  82. Author: Igri-ws
    Date: March 25, 2012

    beautiful i love u rihanna

  83. Author: MiszShary
    Date: April 3, 2012

    Rihanna you are my #1 singer & actress..!! U’r just THE BEST!!

  84. Author: Bhavika Bankar
    Date: April 5, 2012

    come ti ondia and meet me 

  85. Author: Bhavika Bankar
    Date: April 5, 2012

    come to india and meet me plz

  86. Author: Chloeburrough
    Date: April 11, 2012

    Justed watched Battleship its amazing!

  87. Author: Lebrun Alain
    Date: April 14, 2012


  88. Author: Y Erdemsevdi
    Date: April 25, 2012

    ? am turk .? love you rihanna

  89. Author: Claudiolopes_07
    Date: April 28, 2012


  90. Author: guest
    Date: May 5, 2012

    i love you riri

  91. Author: Leon
    Date: May 7, 2012

    Hi Angel im from South Africa and I have all Your music and love You all the way keep up the good work and we will keep You the best mwah.
    If You want to email me You can its leon.heatco@gmail.com

  92. Author: Ali Shana97
    Date: May 13, 2012

    100% RIHANNA
    3% MY LIFE

  93. Author: Ali Shana97
    Date: May 13, 2012


  94. Author: Devino Sarah2
    Date: May 14, 2012

    love you rihanna 

  95. Author: Aaliyahstarks
    Date: May 19, 2012

    i love you rihanna

  96. Author: Aaliyahstarks
    Date: May 19, 2012

    birthday cake was the shit keep makeing hits girl

  97. Author: Yasmin Ali
    Date: May 23, 2012

    love you soo much rihanna!xox

  98. Author: Ciccaaprilia
    Date: May 23, 2012

    rihanna you are the best nobody can’t look you’re perfect face you are the best i think this 4 ever

  99. Author: Ciccaprilia
    Date: May 23, 2012

    rihanna you are the best nobody can’t listen your perfect songs and your beautiful face i love you 4 ever <3<3<3<3<3

  100. Author: Yeeeo
    Date: May 28, 2012


  101. Author: M Ikitule (Downie-Fenty)
    Date: June 7, 2012

    I live in New Zealand, Im from Barbados, if this a real Rihanna website, you need to find me.. family connection is a huge thing :)

  102. Author: Anmariie
    Date: June 7, 2012

    I miss ya RiRi…. :)

  103. Author: Cristinne
    Date: June 12, 2012

    Riri the best! I like how u look right now! Come in Romaniaaaa you have a lot of fans!

  104. Author: Jay
    Date: June 14, 2012

    Rihanna I luv u with all my heart and u inspire me to become a singer

  105. Author: Helen Corridan
    Date: June 24, 2012

    Hiya!  I have a pair of tickets for Wireless, Sunday 8th July and I am unable to go . . . is anyone interested???  Email me:  helencorridan@gmail.com

  106. Author: Karol Jm
    Date: June 28, 2012

    I adore you rihanna???
    You are my favorite singer?
    I love you so much ???

  107. Author: Kristell
    Date: July 16, 2012

    i love you Riri

  108. Author: Ongoing83
    Date: July 19, 2012

    I love the rated R era

  109. Author: Cctravaios
    Date: July 23, 2012

    Rihanna may be your ass for black guys is small,but for white guys is perfect!

  110. Author: lola
    Date: August 1, 2012

    rihanna je t’adore tu est magnifique!!!!!

  111. Author: leilla
    Date: August 1, 2012

    I love you rihanna your are pretty

  112. Author: #1navy
    Date: August 6, 2012

    I love you Rihanna!

    #1navy!!!! <3

  113. Author: Dorcikovaz
    Date: August 15, 2012

    best singer in the world :D love you

  114. Author: Ty'ReeonaL
    Date: August 24, 2012

    Nice pic really love it

  115. Author: wesley wallace
    Date: August 27, 2012

    love u rihanna keep making music and also check me out on youtube just type in wesleywallace sings it will rain by Bruno Mars

  116. Author: jaycee
    Date: August 30, 2012

    i love u riri <3 ;)

    You're my idolI want to be like you!

  117. Author: Donna Nalongo
    Date: September 1, 2012

    You are fantastic such a flexible dancer love you forever .

  118. Author: shenamay_j@yahoo.com
    Date: September 10, 2012

    rihanna ur such a nice girl and beautiful .luv you RIRI

  119. Author: Destiny
    Date: September 13, 2012

    I love u rihanna I am a big fan of yhu !!!!!

  120. Author: Claymore Selwyn
    Date: September 16, 2012

    I LOVE RIHANNA, u r the best! :)

  121. Author: Sarah<3zRihanna
    Date: September 16, 2012

    I love Rihanna!

  122. Author: claire
    Date: September 27, 2012

    hey rihanna i love u and your hairstyles your awsome iv always been a fan since u first started out i love your songs wooooooooop i love ya

  123. Author: claire
    Date: September 27, 2012

    100% rihanna fan for life till the day i die love u riri

  124. Author: ilka montero
    Date: October 5, 2012

    i love rihanna is my favory artist i love her song

  125. Author: Munchy
    Date: October 12, 2012

    Rihanna UR the best… Keep up the great music …

  126. Author: cheekzbby21 (instagram)
    Date: October 14, 2012

    Love you RIRI Ima come see you in Tampa boo, can’t wait! Been waiting for you to hit this area!<3333 Muahhh

  127. Author: rihanna
    Date: October 15, 2012

    i love you rihanna baby i love you

  128. Author: rihanna
    Date: October 15, 2012

    seni swiyorum

  129. Author: jhessica
    Date: October 16, 2012

    riri sou muitoo sua fã

  130. Author: Gorjay_Brat96
    Date: October 20, 2012

    Rihanna is T.Rash and i abosolutely love it!!! <3 can't wait for Unapologetic!!!

  131. Author: Emyryn
    Date: October 27, 2012

    I love you Rihanna all your song is my favorite

  132. Author: Ali
    Date: October 27, 2012

    Girl RiRi you got robbed your song Diamond should be the new Bond Move theme. I love Adele but you got robbed. Love y

  133. Author: ashlyn x
    Date: October 30, 2012


  134. Author: Zoie
    Date: November 1, 2012

    I wanna be just like you RiRi!

  135. Author: Ayse yildiz
    Date: November 6, 2012

    I Love youuuuu RIHANNA !!! <3<3<3
    Sooo beautiful

  136. Author: Destiny
    Date: November 17, 2012

    I love u rihanna

  137. Author: Danielle Leigh Fitton
    Date: December 1, 2012

    have my tickets to see her in june cant wait, my dreams will come true when i see her :D i love rihanna

  138. Author: innocent joseph
    Date: December 7, 2012

    Rihanna praise Jesus Christ, we say together amen, Rihanna certainly not the death of Jesus on the cross probably sure we would know each other, but in this world here under the sun believe Allah witnesses everything, especially from us is created in His image, Rihanna has done a lot there good and evil, but believes there is no cry good in this world, now day extension of this orientation message asking god cry to see your face fits beautify this world to make you my wife marriage, my request please please Rihanna beg even less able to communicate even though it is to hear your voice for a dream me since I kept thinking about how old? my prayers for sure god do wonders between me and you I know the world will remain silent for a moment wonders of god give me a son like you girl like you please Rihana I write this at midnight I really do not get to sleep each I swear your voice on radio or thick tv colleague cried RIHANNA , I can not eat everybody Rihanna I do and I stopped what that might one day rose early they smile you wore earrings thank you very much, Rihanna I pray lives longer, though I know you have been seduced has been asked to engagement with many men, but only your choice is to me because I love you I will respect our tribe are we respected very women, RIHANNA EVEN I die right now, we should be with our heavenly chime will find an exposition mARRIAGE IN FRONT OF OUR GOD will marry mARRIAGE tHAT GOD bLESS YOU VERY CHOICE OF mY hEART RIHANNA, thank you, See not like I was crazy, I love you I MISSSSSS U.

  139. Author: Claudia Marie
    Date: December 9, 2012


  140. Author: tater
    Date: January 12, 2013

    Rihanna can i sing cause i really want to be a singer and me and some of my buddies wanted to sing to oh my other cusins wanted to sing to but my best friend of all is also a singer that sings with me is ………jamiya and lurdes,syleste

  141. Author: R?HANNA
    Date: January 14, 2013


  142. Author: louis thomlison
    Date: January 27, 2013

    i love rihanna i have all her albums :)

  143. Author: one navy
    Date: February 5, 2013

    maybe ? will coming your concert at ?stanbul :D
    ?’m navy and
    love you foreva

  144. Author: Emmanuel Mote
    Date: February 14, 2013

    Charity songs against hungry kids in The World & Women Abuse https://www.reverbnation.com/emmanuelmote/songs

  145. Author: Denise
    Date: March 7, 2013

    I love you Rihanna, I’ve listened to you FOREVER and still do! Wish I could come to you concerts! :’( xxxxxxx

  146. Author: Archibald Tony
    Date: April 6, 2013

    i lov yu rihanna! Pleaz come visit us in cameroon! Yu realy got fan base here!

  147. Author: RIRIfan123
    Date: April 9, 2013

    rihanna hey I’m romina and 12 years old and your biggest fan I hear your music the whole day because your music is so mega-cool

    your biggest fan romina

  148. Author: chy
    Date: April 20, 2013

    her concert was the truth best concert ever

  149. Author: Claudia Marie
    Date: May 4, 2013

    Am hia again 2 tel u Riri that I LOVE U ALWYZ N SUPPORT U FULLY IN EVERYTHING U DO

  150. Author: Limwell Esguerra
    Date: May 26, 2013

    rihanna i love you so much.hope to see you soon.god bless you<3

  151. Author: Patricia
    Date: July 1, 2013

    HI Rihanna … I’m a big fan of yours, I’m from São Paulo Brazil enpecificamente … I wrote a song and wanted to give you! . If possible and if I want to, call me facebook, and send to you! Kisses.


  152. Author: orlyhen
    Date: July 2, 2013

    hi rihanna you are my favourite music artist…
    you come to israel and i Waiting your showing a long time!!!!
    Unfortunately I can not come Because my Cousin Getting Married.

  153. Author: Amber,
    Date: August 17, 2013

    Heej, From the Netherlands,,
    My birthday is 22-09, than Riri has a concert in Singapore, so…
    i ask my mother off she want to bring me to Singapore,
    her first reaction: Yeah ofcourse!
    me: Realyy!!! Your the best mom ever!
    i’m 12 years young, and my parents say if i’m 16 i may go to Riri’s concert!!!!!!
    4 years! Thats a really long time!
    now i have Riri as background on my Phone, pc, iPod, and your in my room :p :D

  154. Author: Loverdoz
    Date: August 20, 2013

    Hi Rihanna!
    Kiss from France!!
    Miss you…

    Loverdoz ;-)

  155. Author: Katarina
    Date: October 2, 2013

    Hi Rhianna!. I work as a dance teacher for children ages 4-15. They adore you. They identify themselves a lot with their favourite artists, as did you and I when we were small girls. Could you please tell me how I should explain for 12-age girls the image of women that you show in your latest video ” Pour it up “? I know I´m gonna get a lot of questions so I would really appreciate your help. Thank you.

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